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We are do more innovative concept in Pvc Doors, Pvc kitchen cabinet, loft, Showcase, etc., We are here to make your kitchen room more comfort according to your taste, style and design. We are having more than 500 design Shades. We are making the outer coverings indifferent types like sliding, Openable etc., it is a customized kitchen cabinet so you can fulfill your thoughts, as you like it.

Pvc Doors

We are using other allied products like drawer units for keeping vessels, plates, glasses, provisions etc., which will save more place as well as it will give decent look.

We offer attractive price to serve and satisfy all kind of customers. For immediate preview please visit our website which will help you to give the outline.


Comparison of PVC Doors & Wood


Self colors.
Cost is lesser 25% to 40%.
Termite and water proof, Fire retardant.
Maintenance free.
Installation period is very short.


We have to coat.
Higher cost ( Depend upon woods ).
It has no such Characters.
Labor cost is very high.
Installation period is very long.
Pvc Doors in chennai